The Holistic Life Foundation’s Mentoring Program has been in existence since 2005 and serves students who have graduated through the Holistic Me after school program.  The focus of the mentoring program is on college and job readiness, civic engagement, yoga and mindfulness practices, and life skills.

Mentees spend time volunteering at the Holistic Life Foundation’s Holistic Me after school program. While there, mentees help tutor younger students and help them with their homework. The mentees also teach yoga and mindfulness classes, and serve as chaperones on field trips. They also plan and facilitate community service activities. College readiness plays a major role in the program. Mentees are aided in filling out college applications, applying for financial aid, and visiting colleges they are interested in. Mentees not interested in college are placed in the job readiness program where they are aided in putting together a resume, filling out job applications, interview skills, job placement, and finding internships in fields they are interested in. Mentees interested in a specific field of work are placed with a one-on-one mentor with experience in that field. The yoga and mindfulness practice shifts from large classes in the after school setting, to personal yoga and mindfulness practice and teacher training in the mentoring program. Mentees are taught more advanced yoga and mindfulness practices, with an emphasis on incorporating the practice into every aspect of their lives, to lead a healthier, more balanced, stress free, and peaceful life. Mentees are also trained to be assistant facilitators in Holistic Life Foundation yoga and mindfulness classes. Mentees are also required to participate in discussion groups based on relative passages from books, current events, and other selected topics.

mentoring_3-copyFrom the Holistic Life Foundation’s twenty (20) original students eighteen (18) of them graduated from high school on-time, early, or received their GED. Eighteen (18) of that twenty (20) are either enrolled in college or working fulltime, with students attending Emory University, The Maryland Institute College of Art, Limestone College, Frostburg State University, Baltimore City Community College, and others. Three (3) students served on the Baltimore City Commission on Sustainability Youth Advisory Group, planning sustainability programs and events, and testifying in front of the Baltimore City Council. Also none of that original group is incarcerated.