Can Kids Meditate Instead Of Bouncing Off The Walls

October 25, 2021
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It’s 10 am, the kids are bouncing off the walls, and you’re at your wit’s end. You can’t find any video or mobile games that will keep them occupied for more than 2 minutes. What do you do? Can kids meditate?

We’ll tell you what to do- teach them how to meditate! It sounds crazy, but it really works. They’ll still have fun without being restless or agitated, and they’ll feel better about themselves. Plus, it teaches them to focus- an essential skill in any situation! So give it a try next time those lovable imps are driving you mad.

Can Kids Meditate

If they have a lot of energy and can’t stay still, then yes. You should try teaching your kids to meditate. It will help them think better, and it will also calm down their mind.

This way, they’ll learn to focus better and still have fun in their free time. Plus, they’ll be able to calm down and relax when things get a little too hectic.

Give Them A Mantra Or Word They Can Repeat When They Start Feeling Restless

If you’re teaching your kids how to meditate, we suggest giving them a mantra or word that they can repeat when things get stressful. Something like “calm” will work perfectly, and it’s not hard at all for little ones to remember.

This is an excellent way to learn how to focus and stay still, even when they’re feeling restless. Then, they’ll be able to channel all of that energy into their meditation sessions. It’s also an excellent holistic way to help kids (or anyone) who has ADHD or ADD focus.

Start With 2-3 Minutes Of Meditation Per Day And Increase The Time As Their Attention Span Grows

If your kids are having trouble meditating, then start with just a few minutes per day. If they’re doing good, then try increasing the time every once in a while until you get to ten or fifteen minutes each session.

This will be perfect for their little minds and bodies since it’s only an hour total of meditation throughout the day. As a result, they’ll be more focused, and they can get rid of all that restless energy healthily!

Teach Them How To Take Deep Breaths To Calm Themselves Down

By taking deep breaths, it will calm your body and mind so you can focus better. For example, you could teach them to breathe in for five seconds, hold it for four seconds, then exhale slowly over another eight seconds.

This will help them relax and concentrate on what they are supposed to be doing- not just sitting around or playing games all day! If you’re teaching your kids how to meditate, then we suggest you start with this technique.

Your kids can still get the mental health benefits from meditation while learning to calm themselves down in times of high stress.

Have Your Child Practice Mindfulness By Focusing On One Thing At A Time For 5-10 Seconds Before Moving On To The Next Thing

Teaching your kids how to meditate is a great way to improve their focus and become more mindful. It’s simple too- just have them focus on one thing at a time, like the sun shining through the window or even an ant crawling around on the wall.

This will help them learn that they can’t be doing a million things at once, and it will help them focus on one task for a few seconds.

Encourage Your Kids To Be Mindful Of Their Thoughts And Emotions Rather Than Just Reacting Impulsively

If your kids are doing good with their meditation sessions, then encourage them to be mindful of their thoughts and emotions as well. This will help them understand why they feel a certain way to react more appropriately instead of just acting impulsively.

This is an important part of teaching kids how to meditate because they’ll be able to figure out what triggers their emotions and how to deal with them positively.

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