Letter from the Founders

Thank you for your continued support of the work of Holistic Life Foundation, Inc. Our unique programming offers a dedicated approach to fostering social, emotional, environmental, and physical improvements in the lives of children, adults, and families. Through a comprehensive approach that incorporates yoga and mindfulness instruction, workforce development, teacher training, outreach, and education, our programs are making a direct impact on populations across the country, and throughout the world.

Our staff of 50, serves approximately 10,000 children in the Baltimore community on a weekly basis. Our ability to provide thousands of children with training in yoga, mindfulness, and emotional self-regulation encourages community-wide peace. In turn, these children teach what they have learned to their parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends. HLF is building a movement and we thank our generous supporters in Baltimore and beyond.

Our significant highlights include:

  • Delivering yoga and mindfulness programs to students, teachers, and wellness practitioners in Alaska, Albuquerque, Austria, Baltimore, Barre, Boulder, Boston, Colombia, Canada, Germany, Hagerstown, Lebanon,  Parkland, New York, Nashville, Puerto Rico, Richmond, Scotland, Seattle, Somerset County, South Korea, Syracuse.
  • Media features in Yoga Journal, O the Oprah Magazing, CNN, Washington Post, Parade Magazine, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, the movie Planetary, Draze, Afro, PresnaLibre, and an Open Society.
  • Feature on Steven Speilbergs Why We Hate series on the Discovery Channel

We thank all of the foundations and private donors whose generosity and commitment to the HLF mission enables us to continue to share love, light, and peace.

With gratitude,

Ali Smith, Co-Founder

Atman Smith, Co-Founder

Andres Gonzalez, Co-Founder


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