Many children forget some of what they've learned or slip out of practice during the summer months.

Enroll your child this summer in our camp to help them improve their academic skills during the summer and beyond.

Dates:  July 5th - August 4th    Days: Monday - Thursday
Times: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Grades: Rising K - 6th  Program Capacity: 110

Site Coordinator: Jenee Robinson Academic Coordinator: Katrina Walker

Focus: Yoga/Mindfulness and STEM

School Partnerships: George Washington ES, Franklin Square EMS (open to other BCPSS students)

Funding: SFC

Training: June 27th - July 1st

This summer, we will be in person at George Washington ES. Franklin Square students will be transported to GW.  We will operate with 7 Academic Teachers and 7 Group leaders.  Students will be engaged in yoga/mindfulness, math intervention, science enrichment, as well as sewing, art, jewelry making, physical fitness, comic-book design, and robotics. Participating students will receive a 2 month subscription to our online platform, Bridging Academics and the Mind (BAM).  This online program allows them to practice what they learned over the summer after camp is over. 

The Holistic Life Foundation after school program, Holistic Me, was piloted in 2002 at Windsor Hills Elementary School, then hosted at the Druid Hill YMCA for 7 years. Now the HLF after school program is facilitated at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School. The program serves 120 male and female students, from grades Pre-K through 5th. This multifaceted after school program’s Program Partners provide enrichment activities such as Makers Space, Woodworking, Environmental, Team Building, Art & Entrepreneurship, Basketball, Martial Arts, Dance, Steel Drums, and STEM.

After School Programs

Students in Holistic Me benefit and grow in many ways from their participation. They learn a combination of yoga, mindfulness practices, meditation, centering, and breath work that empower them with skills for peaceful conflict resolution, improved focus and concentration, greater control and awareness of thoughts and emotions, improved self-regulation, anger management, as well as stress reduction and relaxation. In the fitness and sports fundamentals portion of the program, students learn the basic fundamental sports skills as well as learning exercises and skills for overall fitness, developing teamwork and leadership skills, and building the foundation for leading a healthy lifestyle. Students learn about their interconnectedness to the entire world and not just their neighborhood in environmental education program. Learning the importance of stewardship, environmental justice and sustainability, students see how the environment impacts them and vice versa. Students also receive supplemental instruction in their core classes including math, language arts and science through homework assistance and one-on-one tutoring.

After School Program

Holistic Me maintains an average daily attendance of at least eight-five (85) percent. Students who have graduated out of the program into the Holistic Life Foundation Mentoring Program come back to volunteer as tutors and yoga instructors. The students planned and facilitated several community clean-ups, set up greening projects in their homes, and constructed a raised-bed vegetable garden at their school.

“They love the children, they love the community, and they are an asset to Robert W Coleman. There are some children who have anger management problems. The yoga program has enabled those children to do meditation techniques and instead of them reacting and getting angry, they’ve learned how to meditate and redirect their anger.”
— Carlillian Thompson
Principal, Robert W Coleman Elementary School

“Meditation calms me down and stuff”
– 4th grade girl

“It’s like karma. If I do something bad like punch somebody in the jaw, something bad is gonna happen to me. But if I do something good, good stuff will happen.”
– 5th grade boy

“I learned how to control myself doing yoga.”
– 2nd grade boy

“When I first started I was kinda bad…now the breathing has calmed me down”
– 7th grade boy

21st Century Community Learning Centers

This program is funded by Maryland 21st Century Community Learning Centers

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