Holistic Roots Mentor Program


Holistic Roots Mentor Program

Holistic Roots is a mentoring program for Holistic Me graduates who are now in middle school and high school. Holistic Roots aims to bridge the gap between the elementary level Holistic Me and high school level mindfulness programs to create a “continuum of care” that starts in elementary school and supports students through high school graduation and beyond.



Holistic Roots’ mission is to nurture, inspire, and motivate mentees to successfully navigate middle school and expand their vision for the future. The program supports students with a network of care, which is especially vital for those living with trauma. The program will introduce students to people and ideas that will help them flourish in middle school and successfully advance to high school.


Mentorship Guiding Principles:

Mentoring is a positive force that is truly life changing for both mentors and mentees alike.

Mentoring focuses on building a relationship that will benefit both the mentor and the mentee. Mutual respect is a cornerstone of the mentoring relationship.



The program matches each student with four mentors from various walks of life and ensures multiple points of contact every week between students, mentors, and HLF. Our goals are:

  • For students to have the same positive role models throughout the program, thus providing a stable support system to offset the transience that many mentees experience in their lives;
  • Students are exposed to and inspired by cultures, people and concepts outside of their normal daily life;
  • Students are supported to achieve their academic, physical, and mental needs and can take control of their future to succeed in any venture they may choose.



A generation of healthy, supported, mindful students with the knowledge, access, and support to be successful.


The Program:

It is an unfortunate fact that many Baltimore City students lack those positive relationships and structures from which to draw the necessary love, support and positivity to succeed.

A ‘Family’ of Mentors: Each student will be matched with a group of mentors who assist them in different ways and remain with them through middle school and beyond. In addition, mentees’ parents or caregivers are invited to all program components. The family will consist of numerous mentors with varying experiences and areas of expertise.


Through this integrative team, programmatic efforts, and the proven practices of HLF, the Holistic Roots program will develop nurtured, inspired, and motivated mentees more likely to succeed in their transition to high school and beyond.


We need your support to make this goal a reality!!!

To find out more about the program, to apply to be a mentor, or to support in developing a great program for the mentees, please email


Holistic Roots Information

Holistic Roots Mentor Application

mentoring_3-copyFrom the Holistic Life Foundation’s twenty (20) original students eighteen (18) of them graduated from high school on-time, early, or received their GED. Eighteen (18) of that twenty (20) enrolled in college or working fulltime, with students attending Emory University, The Maryland Institute College of Art, Limestone College, Frostburg State University, Baltimore City Community College, and others. Three (3) students served on the Baltimore City Commission on Sustainability Youth Advisory Group, planning sustainability programs and events, and testifying in front of the Baltimore City Council. Also none of that original group is incarcerated.

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