Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Two Day School Intensive

HLF spends one day facilitating programs with students to get them engaged in the practice, then one day with staff to train them to facilitate the practice so that the program is sustainable.

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Holistic Me After School Program Training

Learn to facilitate HLF’s world renowned after school program, that has been featured on the NBC Nightly News. Learn how to use the yoga and mindfulness practices to support learning and behavioral outcomes. HLF helps support Holistic Me partnership development and provides program curriculum.


Yoga and Mindfulness for Youth Training

Through a combination of practice, lectures, discussions, and exercises, participants learn yoga, breathing and centering exercises, mindfulness practices, and meditations. Participants learn youth engagement principles, teaching philosophies, and strategies for working with “problem” or “hard-to-reach” youth, while exploring methods to make the whole approach practical and, most of all, fun. This training will show participants how to teach yoga and mindfulness to all demographics of youth including those labeled as high-risk and hard-to-reach youth. Gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of youth from diverse environments and learning new yoga and mindfulness skills to help fulfill these needs are the primary goals of this training.


Mindful Moment Training

Participants learn to implement the Mindful Moment program. A school wide initiative where students and faculty take part in a 15 minute mindfulness practice twice daily. Other key components to the program are the Mindful Moment room, an alternative to suspension room, where students in distress receive individual assistance with emotional self- regulation through mindfulness techniques. As well as the Mindfulness Ambassador student training program. Participants also receive all support and reporting documents.


Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Training

HLF’s new initiative to train people around the world to responsibly share contemplative practices with at-risk youth in a trauma informed manor. This training will touch on topics not limited to but including: modern neuroscientific perspectives, ethics of care, emotional labor and vicarious trauma/secondary PTSD, nonviolent communication strategies, compassionate listening and pedagogical perspectives in teaching contemplative practices. Employable tools and actionable techniques to support the personal practice, meditations, breathing exercises for children, teens, adults and service providers will be both practiced and shared. Participants in HLF’s training will take away lesson plans, curriculum outlines, guided meditation scripting, and the support of a community of people who are passionate about the work we do. This training is appropriate for (but not limited to) school districts (teachers, administrators, staff, counselors, social workers), parents, community organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, civic leaders, first responders (police, fire, rescue, paramedic), and all other youth service providers.


B.R.E.A.T.H.S. Curriculum Training

Participants are trained to facilitate this 24- week mindfulness curriculum, with 2 sessions per week. Each session contains mindfulness and stress reduction practices, discussions, and homework assignments. The effectiveness of the program was proven in a randomized controlled trial by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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